Granular Sulphur Black Dye

Sulphur Black\ Sulphur Black Liquid Characteristics: Lustrous Grains, imparts full black shade with a slight reddish or greenish tone according to the requirement.

Granular Sulphur Black Dye

Application :

  • Used for Jigger.
  • Winch and package-Dyeing for Cotton and Viscose rayon.
  • Economical in Continuous dyeing.

General Properties :

This dye belongs to the group of Sulphur Dyes. It is mainly used for dyeing Cellulosic fiber. It is also useful for dyeing viscose, staple fiber and yarn, including material which is to given a resin finish, Silk, package dyeing and for continuous process. The light fastness of Sulphur Black is very good. Hue. Artificial Light (tungsten) Greenish Black to Bluish Black.

Fastness properties :

  • Acid (Organic) : 4-5
  • Alkali : 4-5
  • Hot processing: 5
  • Light: 6-7
  • Mercerizing :Redder-Apparent increase in strength
  • Milling : 4-5
  • Perspiration : 5
  • Washing moderate : 5
  • Washing Severe : 4-5

Storage :

It is quite stable, if stored in cool and dry place.

Method of application :

The conventional method of application is from a sodium sulphide bath. The following is the general method. The dye is first made into paste with a little water (containing the requisite amount of Sulphide and soda ash) and then boiled for about ten minutes with further addition of water, to make solution. This solution is then made up to the requisite volume with water in the dyeing vessel. The material to be dyed is then introduced in bath, the temperature is raised and the necessary quantity of common salt or Glauber’s salt crystals are added depending upon the depth of the shade required. The material is then rinsed well, after treated if necessary, rinsed again and finished in the normal manner. Precautions for safe handling: Sulphur Black should be stored in a cool, dry place. The material should not be exposed to air, container should be tightly closed. Mildly corrosive and poisonous if neglected. In case substance goes into eyes, wash with water repeatedly for 15 minutes. Seek medical advice when anyone has symptoms due to swallowing or inhalation.